18 Jul 2016

Whale Watching Mirissa – Kalpitiya

Whale Watching Mirissa – Sri Lanka -Whales and Dolphins are now significant in Sri Lankan tourists’ itinerary now. Sri Lanka besides is within the internationally protected zone for whales and that makes the island a desired destination for whale lovers. Hence whale watching has become an integrated part of the travel agendas.

 Kalpitiya ,in the west of Sri Lanka, Mirissa (Dondra Point in the south) and Tricomalee on the east are the known points where whales are sighted most. Of course the seasons differ and so are the species that frequent these seas nearby. The tourists are well informed appropriately of the times and seasons to visit these vantage sites.


 Concentrated groups of Blue Whales and Sperm Whales are seen off Dondar on the deep south between January and April. But in Kalpitiya these giant creatures sport between November and March while Trincomalee have then between June and September.

 Whales love deep waters but shun external noise such as that of the ships. They produce some sort of sweet tone whilst communicating between them and there’s much scientific research is in progress. It is of the observation and inference of experts that a few blue whales may be domiciled in the waters of f Dondra Head and others perhaps are migratory. On e such expert surmises that, they pass through  Sri Lanka from Bay of Bengal towards  Maldives and the Arabian Sea. A further study would give precise information. Blue Whales are a variety a mariner or ichthyologists would desperately long to sea. These unique kinds rarely expose themselves to the human eyes and thus whale watching in Sri Lanka has attracted many enthusiasts. There have been films produced in the ‘80s featuring whales seen in Trincomalee and that of the southern sea.

 Whale watching tourism in Sri Lanka is gaining much attention as adequate facilities are arranged for the visitors. There are ample registered tourist hotels near the coast, so the travel agencies do book them on time for this purpose. Sea excursions are arranged using launches or small yachts that can be out in the ocean for hours, with comfortable interior and food / drink convenience, being instructed by well trained guides.

 You are supposed to be at the Mirissa Fisheries port by 6.00 am and the sea ride begins by about 30 minutes later. Depending on the turbulence of the sea the presence in the ocean may be anything between 3.5 to 4 hours.  If in case there were no whales sighted, the fee will be refunded according a prearrangement with the tour operator.

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