13 Aug 2016

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

As if a maestro artist portrays the beauty of nature in one canvass so does Sri Lanka could defined when it comes to splendour of nature. Especially for a European a tropical country such as this Island that is endowed with a rich diversity in fauna and flora in addition to the coastal calm and serene ambience, would soon become bewitching with the very first visit.  What they would miss maybe the snowflakes! But instead, the Sun and the greenery, waves and the water resources would all in one land throughout the year would be memorable.

The tourist industry or rather the hospitality segment here over the years has matured to a great height no matter what challenges the country faced politically or economically. It proves that history, culture, education, religions etc. are a blended solid ground. This makes even a first – time short duration visitor marvel and inspired for re-visits.

Leisure in this Paradise Island is dominated by the coasts where hotels of all grades thrive, facilitating all kinds of beach sports and recreation. Seasonal attractions such as Dolphin and whale watching have taken prime spots in a tourist itinerary. Many come to Sri Lankan beaches for various reasons. Apart from simple relaxation, therapeutically these sandy locales contribute immensely. Surf competitions and beach volleyball and rugby woo such sport enthusiasts.

The upcountry i.e. the hills in the central region is carpeted with Tea Estates which produce the World’s best flavour, a name that’s maintained for centuries. As such, the Tea domains become an inevitable visit during a travellers sojourn in Sri Lanka. Further in the interior of Sri Lanka, rain forests offer wildlife observing and trekking to the nature lovers, apart from the state sponsored parks for exotic species of fauna in their own milieu. These sanctuaries are a haven for some rare species if not the only kinds to be found in the world today. Sri Lanka devotes much effort to preserve endangered species.

The country is also known for its wide variety of exquisite spice varieties both medicinal and the beauty culture specimen. With this natural resource, spas that are now in almost in every star class hotel, take an important feature in the hotel line of offers.

Over the last decade, many campsites have emerged as the operators discovered ample locations for such exciting vacations. Hence, resorts of all sizes too have sprung up, adding more features to the conventional itineraries. White water rafting is one of delights in this category.

Temples and caves are another category that bring out volumes of ancient cultural and religious highlights. This help the visitor understand the background of Sri Lankans which does blend with modernism. Since culture and history go hand-in-hand in every spot, the tourist could get the true and authentic Sri Lankan lifestyle, for it is that which make his or her stay adventurous.

Sri Lanka has had been occupied by Portuguese, Dutch and the British decades ago and hence, footprints of their culture are found in many places to reminisce such foreign reigns. English is widely spoken and used as an official language and it is easy for a British, American or a European to meander here and even the chauffeurs are rather fluent so as to serve as guides. As expected the cities in the urban run their business to keep on par with the global trends. So, Sri Lanka is in fact a hub for trade and tourism and with the presence of Web enabled activities, online networking is a lot easier here.

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