29 Oct 2016

Sri-Lanka to Maldives tour

Sri-Lanka to Maldives tour

On the South-West of Sri Lanka is the now popular getaway destination Maldives famed for its atolls 26 of them in fact. History records that these islands were used for exiled prisoners of Sri Lanka. How the tide changed and now they much sorted by tourists and even business magnates to promote their products mutually. Hence, most travellers include Maldives Islands as a component of their tour itinerary transiting in Sri Lanka either way, to or from. As the name bears, the –Maldive-Fish a delicacy prepared from the Sea species is a core product that is traded. Besides, the atolls have attracted numerous visitors and hence tourism thrives in leaps and bounds and thus Sri Lankan Tourist industry has beefed up its ventures to this nation establishing hotels. Commercial offshore ventures of the bigger Island too have made a firm footing.

Leisure in this group of atolls could be a totally different experience as the land space is much smaller one would notice. Nevertheless there are other thrills that keeps a visitor aghast. Apart from the clear enthralling views of the Sunrise and Sunsets, shallow waters in between the atolls during a given low tide season invites a walk-through; otherwise, safari boat services would offer the pleasure thereof.

Besides the Indian Ocean, lagoons rather large but of varied depths and blue and turquoise in appearance, provide a scintillating aqua splendour. Adding lustre are the underwater coral reefs or gardens as they are known bemuse the holiday makers. The sea and the water bodies of sorts are for swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling and not to mention fishing. The palms, shores and gentle winds make the holiday truly romantic and it is now a frequent scene to see honeymoon couples begin their new world from here. The creative developers of tourism have embedded all these in their itineraries for travellers no matter what they come for. These phenomena are fascinations in these islands adapted not too long ago.

The population which is Muslim predominantly are friendly and amiable. Thus many business tourists flock especially the Chinese who see these Island people are profitable for mutual transactions. However, visitors many nationality are to be found throughout the year and each have their own agendas apart from holidaying. It therefore serves for commercial mingling for the discerning business cum leisure traveller.

Resorts have been constructed and run by established Internationally Repute Hoteliers that cater to tourists from all over and Sri Lanka is no exception in that respect. This makes tour operators of Sri Lanka very busy and alert since the opportunities are plenty. Some do make exclusive itinerary to detour to these islands while others include Maldives as a segment of the tour agendas. Be assured of the finest sea-food cuisine, wherever you are!


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