21 Jul 2016

Kandy the Hill Capital of Sri Lanka

Kandy the Hill Capital of Sri Lanka

Kandy – Sri Lanka- The British history spanning the last 3 centuries has one niche that’s indelible; that’s the City of Kandy, Sri Lanka. This was the last bastion of the kings of Ceylon (as called at that time) the British had to breakthrough. The tough resistance  was of course due to the strategic and vantage cluster of hills encompassing this scenic city. Hence the name Kandy a phonetic derivation of the Sinhala Kande – mountain.

 The city, centermost urban of the island, could be reached within three hours, a 120 Km travel. Kandyan Royalty blended with British colonialism’s impact is written all over. It could be said, the colonials didn’t want to efface the tradition and culture of this beautiful hill capital for they were too marvelous. Festivals, lifestyles, ethnic fusion, astute scholars and much more along with religious fervor attribute to the glory of Kandy. The Museum which houses vast number of articles that are of  historical and cultural significance, help reminisce an era of South Asian political, economical and social milieu. This would no doubt mesmerize the visitors from all corners of the globe, as they have been unknown for the modern society and of course throw much light on ancient but civilized world in this region.


 The people of this city too are inviting, including The youth and the kids, as their friendly manner exuding pleasant dispositions make any stranger so homely. They are indeed very knowledgeable of the glorious and venerated traditions of culture and religion. Education is obsessively pursued and so you will find a brand of intellectuals to enlighten on any obscure data. In fact one of the best universities in Asia is a few kilometers away from the city and also some of the best schools too are within the city. Some were founded by the missionaries from various denominations which did infuse much of the European and English culture for the local benefit. Monuments with epitaphs especially of the World War Heroes are well preserved to benefit their kith and kin who visit for the purpose.

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 The geographical location of Kandy, nestled among the evergreen environs cool and fresh, is the cynosure for the traveler in Sri Lanka. Firstly, this is the gateway for the islands rich green hilly region. From here you can embark on any direction for a tour up the hills or toward the cultural triangle all within a day! The year around Kandy offers the most conducive climate for leisure, adventure and nature tourism, contemplation and even festive indulgence. For those who are religiously inclined, the city is the most sought out for it also has the sacred areas with plenty of temples and churches not excluding mosques. The cultural and ethnic fusion is so bewitching, it can be said that this city is the most affable. Come July-August, the world famous cultural/ religious pageant that parades beautifully adorned elephants, known as ‘Perahara’, lures thousands and thousands from across the world.

 If ever you tasted the finest Tea, then it will be your most opportune moment in life to visit the places where they are produced. One day tours are arranged to drive along the winding roads above the city, through lush green carpets of Tea fields flanking on either side and the factories. It will be green, green, green all the way. Kandy is also a vantage point to have panoramic views of absorbing picturesque mountains, rivers and fields. All you have to do is just turn around from wherever. Popular tourist spots galore and plenty of hotels and guest houses are present to cater to your fancies.


 For trade and shopping, Kandy has been the hub for many decades long before the advent of mega shopping malls. Even though Ratnapura in the South West of Sri Lanka is the ‘Gem City’ (for its gem mines), the precious stones are mostly showcased in the boutiques in Kandy together with other handy craft merchandise. All what you find in other cities in Sri Lanka, you could simply walk within Kandy in a day and simply consume. Due to the hills surrounding the town it is small in comparison but comprehensive in range. You can surely have your fill. The city has been the most re-visited destination in fact in the whole region of South Asia.


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