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29 Oct 2016

Sri-Lanka to Maldives tour

Sri-Lanka to Maldives tour On the South-West of Sri Lanka is the now popular getaway destination Maldives famed for its atolls 26 of them in fact. History records that these islands were used for exiled prisoners of Sri Lanka. How the tide changed and now they much sorted by tourists and even business magnates to […]

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14 Sep 2016

Beaches in Sri Lanka

Beaches in Sri Lanka It seems a blessing in disguise to be a small island in the Indian Ocean for Sri Lanka whilst considering the golden sands around it that make a distinct demarcation for the water and the shore. No matter where and which direction, the coastal belt around this paradise land truly offers […]

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13 Aug 2016

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka As if a maestro artist portrays the beauty of nature in one canvass so does Sri Lanka could defined when it comes to splendour of nature. Especially for a European a tropical country such as this Island that is endowed with a rich diversity in fauna and flora in addition to the coastal […]

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05 Jul 2016

Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary

Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary Sri Lanka is one of the most sought out tourist destination in the Asian subcontinent mainly for its diverse climates throughout the year. One could choose to be somewhere during the 12 months since every square meter of the Island affords some sort of intrigue for a traveller. The Kalametiya fishing village along the south […]

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