14 Sep 2016

Beaches in Sri Lanka

Beaches in Sri Lanka

It seems a blessing in disguise to be a small island in the Indian Ocean for Sri Lanka whilst considering the golden sands around it that make a distinct demarcation for the water and the shore. No matter where and which direction, the coastal belt around this paradise land truly offers the holiday maker that enchanting experiences that linger for years in memory enlivening any spirit back to life as it were.

Tourism thus affords more than its money’s worth when including the beaches in the itineraries. They are not an option but must visit components. Hence, Sri Lankan beaches or the sea fronts have been preserved with utmost care and concern for not only leisure and pleasure but also therapeutic purposes. Pollution is kept at a minimum in these locales and even it is near to fishing activities, the fisher folk villages are not deprived of their livelihood in order to accommodate tourists. They go hand-in- hand unlike in many other countries. In fact there are coastal cities which thrive in fisheries which also entertain visitors to view their market as well as offer them boat rides into deep sea or along lagoons and rivulets the branch of the sea.

Beach resorts are many right around the Island and the holiday makers are treated with seafood range and BBQs after they bask in the sun or a swim. Cabanas (smaller huts) accommodate usually couples along the beach if preferred for than a luxury room in the hotel. Music and entertainment of sorts usually accompany these ‘over-the-moon’ stays.

Aqua sports such as wind-surfing and beach volleyball / rugby are sensational indulgences during particular seasons and many foreign competitors eagerly await such seasonal and annual thrills. Snorkelling and diving are now common features in some beach hotels. The ‘family’ is considered now as that’s the concept inmost Star hotels which inevitably construct kids’ zones in the premises for, holidaying today is meant for the whole family and merely for individuals or twosomes.

However, a Sri Lankan holiday package for a tourist is seldom devoted to the sandy shore alone. Sri Lanka is a small island which can be traversed from one end to the other within a day. This means form a beach stay you could reach to the hilly cold climes within the day and vice versa. That is incredible because not much money is spent nor physical energy wasted. Given that, transport and accommodation are of very good standard one can be assured of a journey from one beach hotel to another on the other side via the hills, valleys and forest glades all in a day or from the sun-soaked coastal town to the misty mountain terrain, but not being affected by such transitions in the climes. There is no fear of being totally exposed to the UV rays in these beaches as coconut palms and other greenery will assure you the balance needed.




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