Archive: Sep 2016

20 Sep 2016

Sri Lanka – People and Society

Sri Lanka – People and Society Despite its smallness in the geographical dimension, the people of this resplendent Island have stoically preserved an amiable disposition although the general mass consists ethnic and religious diversions. They harmonize at a national level blending with each other on common grounds and fanatic eruptions are nipped in the bud […]

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14 Sep 2016

Beaches in Sri Lanka

Beaches in Sri Lanka It seems a blessing in disguise to be a small island in the Indian Ocean for Sri Lanka whilst considering the golden sands around it that make a distinct demarcation for the water and the shore. No matter where and which direction, the coastal belt around this paradise land truly offers […]

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05 Sep 2016


Colombo Once the capital but now it is the Commercial Capital in short the metro, since the onus of a capital is shifted to Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, no so far form Colombo. Even though the State Parliament is shifted from at the latter, hive of all activities still go on and is thriving at the […]

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